Discover Quartz

The question that is asked most often is what exactly is quartz? Quartz is an industry term that is most commonly used to describe engineered stone slabs. The slabs primarily contain the quartz mineral which is how the name was derived.

The quartz mineral in itself is one of nature’s hardest minerals. While every manufacturer of quartz creates their own patented mixture rations of quarts mineral to the polymers and resins, the top- level manufacturers use quartz content of 93% of the total mixture. Through the manufacturing process and the combination of quartz with resins and polymers, a material of incredible strength and durability is created. Being that quartz slabs are engineered, manufacturers can create endless colours and patterns in their available palettes ensuring that there is something that will suit your needs and style.

World Stone Offers a number of Quartz Product Lines

At World Stone, we shop the world to offer our customers the finest stone products available. When it comes to quartz, World Stone sources a number of different quartz brands.

Using state-of-the-art equipment and technology, we then transform quartz slabs into feature pieces for your kitchen or bathroom, complete with your choice of edge profiles. You can trust that your quartz counters will look stunning and fit perfectly on your cabinets.

Having trouble deciding what countertop choice best suits your needs? Let World Stone help you decide!

We back our products with outstanding customer service, professional installation and delivery times that are second to none.

We are continually bringing in new and exciting products. The following lists are only a partial selections of the available materials. Please contact our office and speak to our experienced sales representatives for further information.