Discover Granite

Granite is one of the most commonly used materials for stone countertops. With its high quartz and feldspar content granite is durable and resistant to scratching and heat with a timeless natural appeal. With the rise in global trade in the markets we now have access to incredible stones from around the world from every colour of the rainbow. The beauty of natural stone is each slab is truly unique and one of a kind. With standard granites that have a fairly consistent pattern to exotics that are striking and out of this world, you are sure to find one that will bring your project to life.

Mother Nature’s Collection of Granite Countertop Colors:

White and Gold granite

    • Bianco Antico granite
    • Bianco Romano granite
    • Giallo Ornamental granite
    • Giallo Veneziano granite
    • Juarano Royal granite
    • St. Cecilia granite
    • Venetian Gold granite

Green granite

    • Emerald Pearl granite
    • Kenoran Gage granite
    • Peacock granite
    • Silver Sea Green granite
    • Uba Tuba granite
    • Verde Butterfly granite

Red granite

    • Juparano Bourdeaux granite
    • Mahogany granite

Brown granite

    • Baltic Brown granite
    • Brown Antique granite
    • Café Imperial granite
    • Caladonia granite
    • Sapphire Blue/Brown granite
    • Tan Brown granite
    • Tropical Brown granite

Black granite

    • Absolute Black granite
    • Black Galaxy granite
    • Black Pearl granite
    • Cambrian Black granite
    • Opalescent granite
    • Nero Impala granite
    • Volga Blue granite
    • Mesabi Black granite
    • Black Pearl granite
    • Black Mosaic granite

Other Granite

    • Paradiso Granite
    • Blue Pearl Granite

We are continually bringing in new and exciting products. The following lists are only a partial 
​selections of the available materials. Please contact our office and speak to our experienced sales representatives for further information.