Our Commitment to Giving Back

World Stone is an active member in the community and a proud supporter of several local charitable organizations. We believe that every business has an obligation to support the people of the community that supports them. With that ideology in mind World Stone has been a long time supporter of the following organizations:

Nina Haggarty Center for the Arts
​– Lead Sponsor for the Cake Walk for 10 years
​“Since it was founded in 2003, the Nina Haggerty Centre for the Arts ​has been home to one of Edmonton’s most interesting art collectives, made up entirely of artists with developmental disabilities. What began as a collective of one has grown to include almost 200 members, whose work has been shown throughout Canada and the world.”
​​*Excerpt from The Nina Haggerty Center for the Arts Website

Citie Ballet Home Tour House Sponsor
​“Citie Ballet works with local musicians and artists to bring performances that reflect Edmonton’s collaborative spirit. Our city’s arts and culture community is full of talented people that work together in a synergistic and supportive way, and Citie Ballet reflects that spirit.”
​*Excerpt from The Citie Ballet Website

Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation
​“The Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation raises money in support of the pursuit of excellence in children’s health care, thanks the donors who support us, and communicates to donors the impact of their donation on the lives of children and their families.”
​*Excerpt from the Stollery Children’s Hospital Foundation website

Sorrentino’s Compassion House
​“Sorrentino’s Compassion House is a haven for women battling breast cancer. Warm, inviting and modern, guests discover a safe and quiet place where they can come together and focus on what matters most.”
​*Excerpt from the Sorrentino’s Compassion House website

Full House Lottery Home
​“The Full House Lottery is in its 23rd year of operations supporting both the University Hospital Foundation and the Royal Alexandra Hospital Foundation. In the previous 23 years, Full House Lottery has raised over $70 million towards the growing needs of Albertans in critical areas such as cardiac MRI technology, brain care, robotic surgery, neonatal intensive care, cardiac care, organ transplantations and advanced medical research.”
​*Excerpt from The Full House Lottery Website

Caritas Lottery Home
​“The Caritas Foundation supports Covenant Health in Edmonton as it continues a 150-year mission of serving Albertans facing health changes and challenges that have a profound impact on their lives – from the joy of new birth to a life-altering diagnosis to the realities of aging and end of life. With your help, we are able to provide access to state-of-the-art equipment, improved care environments and innovative approaches to care.”
​*Excerpt from The Caritas Foundation Lottery Website