Our Process

​This is the most creative and enjoyable step when you are thinking of building new or renovating your existing space! Enjoy it, cutting photos from magazines, jotting down ideas, scouring Pinterest for ideas, and creating a Houzz project book that we can collaborate with you on your project!

Design Consultation
​Whether you initially choose to come see us in our showroom or work with us through in-home consultations, we work with you to help shape and bring your vision to life. This is the time that we will walk you through your choices, explaining the differences in materials and finding what will work best for both your life style and your budget. We happily welcome homeowners, designers, contractors, builders and commercial developers to work together with us bringing your vision to life.

​Using a proposed layout of your project from your design consultation we are able to accurately price the cost of your project. This becomes a crucial factor when you are budgeting for your project! Being able to confidently forecast the cost helps keep your budget on track and your project on time! We know that selecting a final stone choice near the onset of your project is difficult and unlikely. Knowing this we are able to option multiple products with varying price points so that we can help you make an informed choice that’s right for you.

Preparation and Site Measure
​World Stone can provide you with a site preparation checklist to ensure that everything is ready for the digital templating. In most cases a site template will take just under an hour. 

Template client review and approval
​Within three business days of World Stone receiving all the necessary information we will have drafted a template approval drawing that will be emailed to you for your review. This drawing outlines all the areas getting stonework and any pertinent information such as extended overhangs and appliance openings, as well as any sinks and fixtures to be used in your countertops. Once you are satisfied with the approval drawing you will sign and date it in the specified areas and return it to us signaling that it is ready for fabrication.

Milling, Fabrication and Installation
​Your approved drawing is taken and programmed into our equipment System? allowing us to layout the pieces on your chosen material, creating the best possible result for your dream project. The entire fabrication process will typically take 3 business days, with some exceptions for more custom projects. When we have determined an estimated completion date we will reach out to you to book a date for installation. During the performance of the installation our team will ensure to apply the finishing touches and look after the fine details of the installation.​

Ongoing Client Care
​Now that your countertops are complete and installed, our quality assurance team will be reaching out to you to ensure that everything has been satisfactory and exceeded your expectations. If you have any questions or comments in the time following your installation we encourage you to reach out to us so we can help.